"Women Secret"

The best offer for women in the city of Omsk!

In this unique tariff, we have included a branded set of cosmetics: alginate, hydrogel and fabric masks, aromatic oils, face scrubs and tonics, aromatic geysers and bath salts, salon hair masks, soft sleeping socks, and much more ... no woman.

When booking rooms for living at this rate, the fair sex always has access to the most necessary things for beauty and health: these are all kinds of hair dryers, irons to straighten curls, curling irons to create shiny curls, increased lighting around the mirrors and fluffy soft towels for removing makeup!

For you, lovely ladies in our rooms are always fresh fashion magazines and kits for creativity in your free time!

Our tariff is ideal both for exploring the city and for business trips, because we have that very secret weapon that will make your business trip a success!